A food, not to be !

Is it possible to be able to have a watch on our body after our death ? The living creatures fantasize about what happens to their soul post death and here I am, curious about what happens to my body after having left it. Been able to witness my body and all the changes that it had gone through since birth, is it too much to ask for few more days post death ? Well, I prayed for it to GOD at my last breath. And guess what, he accepted !

That last breath of mine gave me an intense thrill. Felt like I didn’t end, but happened to become a bird. I couldn’t see myself, but could only feel light, like having no physical existence, and could fly freely. I could even pass through a living body, having no earthly restrictions altogether. Gotten obsessed with the state I was in, I headed up for a tour. During the years of life, I always wondered how it was to live the life of certain other living beings. So I started nearing to all such creatures and experience their lives.

Suddenly I couldn’t fly and became unconscious. It seemed as if I died in my virtual life too. Nevertheless, my senses returned the next moment. However this time I couldn’t figure out where I was. All that I could see was darkness. All that I could feel was weight. Something just neared me from above my head and eventually crushed me. I was in someone’s mouth. The weight that I could feel was a piece of my dead body. “Oh God, I got it ! This virtual life I am living is given only to watch over my dead body. Yes, then I know why I am back here”, I murmured. The tongue rose and I tumbled back inside the jaw. Sharp teeth tore me apart and left me in pieces. The light that entered as the jaw opened helped me figure out that it was a Human mouth.

A few more rounds of tearing me apart and the throat gulped me all at once. The saliva that carried me tried to work on me, I guess to break me chemically. Who could I tell that it can’t break me chemically, at least not as much as it can break plants and fruits so ? Yet, having more of an original composition I am pushed forward. A meat pushing another meat, I just could not understand why I was invested so much energy upon while the saliva tried so hard and I was not meant to offer anything to it. It took hours for the system to push me through the pipe down to a dark bag. As soon as I fell into the bag, a lot of acid entered and the bag started grinding me. The bag rolled me over and over, trying to turn me into smaller pieces and the acid melted me. It was only then that I could feel being chemically altered considerably. Yet I was a tough option to break.

I was worked upon in the bag for more than 3 quarters of a day. Finally, what remained of me was fine melted pieces. The walls sucked all the protein that I had being flesh of a formerly living creature. I got further pushed into a narrow pipe. The wall of this pipe was full of outgrowths that seemed to be meant for sucking all that remained in me. I was sure that the size I was reduced into by the bag was still more for the pipe to carry me through. Had I been a plant or a fruit, I could have gotten reduced to atoms by then. As I advanced, the suckers caught me up and entered inside me. I thought it was a sheer waste of time to look for something of use anymore inside me. I remember how just feeding on grains over and over in my entire life got me two things – first, that it kept me alive and second, that it stuffed me with lot of fats.

To my surprise, the suckers started sucking the fats that I bore. Astonished by the fact that the quantity of fats I accumulated throughout my life, bit by bit from the plants and fruits, the Human body sucked it all at once. I wonder how dangerous it was to consume that magnitude of fats in a single meal. Hours had elapsed since I left the bag, and the pipe seemed to have no end. I had not even recovered from the astonishment regarding fats and another struck my conscience. All the way from the jaw to the pipe I was passing through, all that the body extracted from me were ultimately chemicals which could benefit or harm it physically. But what about my DNA ? All the traits that I possessed, all the genetic disorders that I bore, all the complexity that I had developed into after a history of evolution process of my race over centuries are recorded in my DNA. I had this DNA in every piece of me. Consuming any constituent of my body meant consuming my DNA. Those DNA might had obviously added on to the body’s DNA. What does it imply if not a mental alteration in that Human body ?

Having consumed me, that human is no more the original him entirely. Unlike the implications of consuming plants and fruits that have a very slow evolution and bear extremely low complexity as compared to that of human beings, the implications of consuming me are far more devastating. I wondered how much the mental alterations would multiply with every new meal like me. I could sense what choosing me over plants and fruits had cost that human being.

In this designer society today, where every individual has consciously put itself into a race of having and advertising opinion of self, choice of food is thrown into the gutter of politics, into the jail of religious practices and into a channel of irrational faith. For the remainder of population who did never submit themselves to the gutter of politics, the jail of religious practices and to a channel of irrational faith there has always been a silent thirst to derive a sensible and comprehensive conclusion. In India, we people had never been slaves of faith as a matter of fact. The life of a human being is an absolute result of its Karma. Karma being the conscious actions of oneself, there is no originally designed fate for anyone while it is true that we manufacture our fate throughout the course of life we get to live. Since the idea of faith is unrealistic, there is no sense in either being loyal to it or to violate it.

The food we eat becomes a part of who we are. Certainly, we ought to be capable of solely integrating the food we eat in our body. There is a compatibility that runs with our body for its healthy functioning as guaranteed by the manufacturer. Considering the human machine OEM, a human body shall consume the least evolved species of life for its survival and that too only as much required. When the choice of food is mere grains, fruits and vegetables, a minimum complexity in the chemical structure of food is assured. They have no emotions, no memory, and an extremely slow evolution history, hence implying no challenge or alteration to the DNA of a human being. Conversely, when the choice of food is a richly evolved animal, with a complex chemical structure then a prominent challenge or alteration to the originality of a human being is undeniable. Our food must never possess emotions, must not bear memory, and must never have a distinguished history of evolution.

Having said that, being a vegan is simply complying to the compatibility of human as a conscious living machine and being otherwise is simply an unfruitful off-limits experiment performed on it. In both the cases, there is nothing that knocks on the door of GOD. Karma will categorically design our fate and the implications of the choice of our food shall never lend us fortune of crying foul.

For the sake of silent thirst of deriving a sensible conclusion, be a vegan is what can be effortlessly comprehended.