CHAPTER IV : Forget that you proposed me, and listen…


The moment Preet started approaching Ansh, his heart beat even louder. “I had never done what I always wanted to do… I always feared to express. I see you as a gentleman, the man of my dreams. You never knew, but I managed to know everything about you over these two years.” Bending on her knees she continued, “Waited for too long already, now I won’t… I love you Ansh.

Sparkling eyes, sugar sweet voice, Goddess-like grace on face and a sensational touch by her soft palm holding Ansh’s hand, he had never learnt any word that could become his reply at that instant. Face was the mirror of the mind, and the eyes without speaking had confessed the secrets of his heart. Click here to read entire Chapter III.

Ansh took a moment, gathered himself and bent on his knees. Holding her hands in his hands said “Preet, I don’t know if I can tell you enough how happy I am, I just want you to forget that you proposed me”. Jaws wide open Preet withdrew her breath, felt like all of a sudden a mountain collapsed over her. “…forget that you proposed me and listen, I love you”, Ansh added. Rising up from underneath the then mountain debris but now flowers, Preet returned to life. A dumbstriken lad dumbstrucked the dumbstrucker lady in return. On their knees, hands in hands, both envisioned the entire world in each other’s shining eyes. Diya bursted in tears, for she had never been on a fairyland before. She rushed to the hall in joy to invite their family of friends to witness the scene. When Diya reached the dining hall, she was so much in tears and happy that everyone left their plates and swiftly followed her to the reception hall. Everyone gazed with starry eyes for what they all could behold was heavenly. Their dear friend stood hugging a gorgeous lady under a gigantic golden chandelier and all the atmosphere spoke the smell of romance.

The entire group suddenly started clapping, cheering and howling in reflex that broke the intimacy. Ansh pulled himself back swiftly and stood holding Preet’s hand blushing in front of his friends. For him the shyness had so taken over that he had gone blank.

Diya volunteered and announced the news to the clapping crowd. “Yes guys, meet Preet” Ansh added. Preet received a warm Hello from the crowd. “Do you guys remember the mysterious helps I used to receive at times? Welcome the culprit” Ansh laughs. “Oh God… Is that you ! But how did you track his daily activities?“, one of the friends exclaimed. And before Ansh could reply, Diya stepped ahead lifting her collars and giving a heroic pose. “Cousin sis”, she affirmed. The crowd took no time to understand the entire theory and patted Diya on her shoulders.

An already special evening got super-special that day. Ansh was in love. All his consciousness was hijacked. All day long, in everything he did, there was this constant feeling that he did have somebody, a girl thinking about him, someone he wanted to talk to and keep in touch the whole day long, a girl to whom he wished to submit his entire life and wished to know everything about her too.

Shivering in nervousness Ansh sat restlessly next to a decorated table at a restaurant a few days later. It was their first date.

A violinist played a soothing music that channeled the romantic energy spread across the ambience to its tune. Defeating the silence in the air Ansh was too noisy from within. “GOD, help me, hope I don’t disappoint her !”, he prayed with eyes stuck to the entrance gate. He had made it early to the date so that everything could be well arranged and they have a wonderful first date. So excited that he had a few illusions of Preet entering the restaurant. Everytime he got lost in her thoughts, the violinist’s music woke him up. Soon a waiter walked down to his table from across the lawn with a bunch of flowers. “Sir, the flowers”, he said. “What flowers?”, Ansh asked while eyes still stuck to the entrance gate. “You ordered these flowers minutes ago Sir”, the waiter replied. “Oh, yes. Sorry. Thank you”, he woke up again. He took the flowers and laughed away the awkwardness. Placing flowers in the vase and spreading some petals around the plates and glasses, he was putting his best foot forward in beautifying the table. Picking up beautiful yellow flowers from the bunch in one hand he was filling the vase with the other. Suddenly, “Red rose?”, he was surprised realising that he put a red rose in the vase.

“I had yellow flowers only”, he continued. “Now the vase looks perfect, does it not?”, a voice gave him goosebumps. He recognised, effortlessly. As the soft palm advanced over his arms, he turned around to behold the only beauty of his world. There she stood, elegant in appearance and royal in his eyes.

to be continued…

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