If you did, then sing.

It is already the end of winter here. Unlike previous years that promised joy after these very months of the year, this time around things are changing. A lot that we prayed to end these many years, now we wish it never ends. A visionary journey to a bright accomplishment. A glorious conclusion everyone could behold throughout the tour, restless we all were to reach there at once. Now when the tour finally concludes, the heart calls it to remain. The ones those always looked up to the horizon, are now counting their feet. The prayers to Time now sing nothing but to slow down, for what we had been envisioning as Joy now feels Pain.

college-graduation-etiquette-tipsYes, the college.

By writing college, I don’t mean the buildings, I don’t mean the campus, I don’t mean the lectures for sure. And I am sure no one does either, for what college means to us is friends and memories. Friends that are made and memories that are made, friends those make memories and memorable moments that make friends, memorable moments that test friendship, and towards the end, friends that we separate from but memories that remain intact. Soon is the end.d58892b7-4152-4844-bb75-99b333cb6c22

Having climbed up a tough mountain, today every breath gets conscious. Anyone who is around, feels a family. Each one feels special, for he/she is no more an individual, but a story. A story that has no storyteller, but is sung in hearts. Tough terrain throughout the journey, not all took the same path and not everyone fought the same way. Nonetheless now that all stand together on the peak, each bears a smile. An avalanche of feelings and a cloudburst of thoughts, yet only hugs meet the expression.

Sport team

Chillen in den GrasbergenToday let us take a deep breath. Let us gather all the calmness and serenity that distanced away in the course of race to destination. Exhale all the agitation that we became a carrier of. Redeem the time you have now earned for yourselves. And Introspect.

Could you become stepping stone?

A stepping stone to yourselves and to atleast one other individual. A stepping stone that helps one cross a muddy area. A stepping stone that can lift one to a level higher. A stepping stone that one can rest upon in turmoil.stepping_stones_of_memory_by_nwwes-d3krg59

Why is it important for YOU?

Ups and Downs are bound to be part of any journey. The road is made up of pullbacks and confidence boosters both. While it turns into a weather of autumn when we confront confidence boosters, one often falls on face in case of pullbacks. In that ugly hour, question is whether you became a stepping stone for yourselves. In that ugly hour, could you count upon yourselves! If you did, and helped yourselves step up, sing your story.

Why is it important for OTHERS?

In this journey to the top of the mountain, we have a lot of friends along. Everyone is busy fighting their own battle. Some be strong enough to make it all alone, and others need a team. Whatsoever, everyone fights a battle and face challenges. In such a tough terrain to destination question is could you become a stepping stone for atleast one companion. In someone else’s ugly hour, could you help them step up! Could you atleast participate in someone’s grief if not help in their bad times! Could they rest on you in their apathy! If you are fortunate enough to be healthy and advancing well, could you challenge atleast one to get out of the box and try something more advance! If you did, you are a hero to be sung.slider

If there is a muddy lane or a filthy land, stepping stones are the only way through. Though stepping stones seem to be stepping stone in the first place, not all are real. While some are dry enough to be trusted upon to step on, others are slippery wet. You can easily make things worse by stepping on the slippery wet ones. Likewise, you may find a lot of companions seeming to be stepping stones in your ugly hour extending favours. However, it is upon you to distinguish among the real and fake. Your grief/failure is an analogy to the muddy lane or filthy land, and the companions extending favour are stepping stones. While some of them are real and honest at their intentions, they are the dry stepping stones you can trust upon. It is only them that can help you through. Like the ones that are fake and can never have the intentions of helping you, are those who enjoy the mud in your way, get wet, filthy and slippery but still offer you a fake stepping stone character. It is certainly these people that help you fall on your face.stepping-stone.ch_1920x840

So more specifically, the question is could you become a real stepping stone for atleast one? If you did, then sing the story of togetherness.



20 thoughts on “If you did, then sing.

  1. Swati says:

    It reminded me of last four years ,the emotional journey we all had ,sometimes together sometimes apart ,but everyone went through roller coaster with highest ups and lowest downs but at the end of last semester everyone want one thing that is to be together and just spend freely whatever time we have left in our hands .

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