What can a Mosquito Bite teach you ?

How does a Mosquito bite feel to you ?

Perhaps a majority of you might question the question itself ! 

Surprisingly, there is sense giving it a thought. The answer to the question is simply Irritation, Itching, Pain, and Annoyance. We put a lot of efforts to keep away the bites, to never really face it again. However, there is a lot of wit that may be deduced from the same. 


Prior to deducing anything let us revise. Do you understand the process of getting biten ? Take a moment to idealize the sting of a Mosquito – a long needle like, as finely pin pointed as you can consider. Now take another to feel your skin – as soft, as sensitive, and as valuable as you can consider. Finally take a moment to realise the blood that flows beneath your skin – a nectar literally, that represents the inner you. Having idealised, felt, and realised you can understand how the mosquitoes pierces its sting through your delicate skin to disturb the inner you.

Everyone among us is unique, we all know. In my language, everyone is rich in money of different kinds. The real you is sharply defined. Whether you acknowledge or don’t, you are always a carrier of what helped you grow, what you developed in your growth, what you attracted or what clinged upon you while you grew and what your growth serves. This content is impeccably analogous to the nectar that flows beneath our skin – so is our treasure.

We constantly indulge in associations, develop friends’ circles, come across several random people who come in, influence us, and leave. While we are fortunate many a times to be into good associations, the fact that we get to deal with unhealthy associations too can’t be ignored. The Mosquitoes – here a perfect analogy to such people. Almost everyone shall recall their spoilt associations and potentially connect to this thought. The people who came into your life and pulled it back, be it in any way are the Mosquitoes.

We constantly strive to protect ourselves and keep away foreign influence to enough extent. Our content is our strength to fight back against the world. The strength and sense of self protection ought to be analogous to the skin that separates world of mosquitoes and the nectar.

These three analogies will help you understand what a Mosquito bite teaches you.

When we fall into bad associations, we use the strength we have to deal with it. But at times, when our emotions overtake our rationale, or when we simply get weak in our defence, we are influenced negatively. Either our growth stops or life experiences a set back. This can be put in other words in the form of a fact that if you don’t put much efforts, you can still keep away Mosquitoes that are outside your walls, however those already into your boundaries shall bite you. It is only when you provide those bad associates access to your inner self leaving the sensitive protection bare, you are hurt. You can relate this to the fact that you expose yourselves too much to your special friends. You lessen the separation between the inner you and your exterior dearest associations. When you do so, you become vulnerable to getting disturbed from inside. The only strength to safeguard your treasure is easily percolated by such dear, but happen to be bad, associates. The fine sting that they pierce into your skin, try to suck the much needed pillars of life called values out of you. And what you hence suffer with as a consequence are the bad memories they inject in return during the process. 

We must not spare our energy in trying to make the world Mosquito free, as the goal is unachievable. But we can bravely accept them, as an unchangeable reality, and put efforts in keeping them away. As smartly as we use ODOMOS, All Out or Mosquito Net, we must put efforts in leaving bad associations. By learning to move away from tough unkind people even when they are dear to us can set you free and fuel your growth. 

Since Mosquitoes shall inevitably remain, look forward to those having broken sting – analogy of people who were bad associates, but gathered wisdom and grew more generous by experience.

4 thoughts on “What can a Mosquito Bite teach you ?

  1. NIKHIL PATLE says:

    Awesome bro!!!πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ Projected a simple incident at a whole new level as a lesson of life values.
    Keep up the good work Bhai.😊

    Liked by 1 person

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