Chapter III : Wait, is it she ! But why ?

She held Ansh’s hand sturdily and walked with a firm unexplained determination more or less like an angry teacher would while taking a student to Principal. Ansh could have just given a jerk and stopped at once easily, rather he let himself loose and followed her. “Atleast let me know where are you taking me ?” “Stop hey, are you listening ?” kept on provoking but she invariably refused to react and continued. Failing in every attempt to figure out what was going on, Ansh then simply gazed at her swinging untied hairs and periodically visible outlines of her face as she walked.

Months ago, Ansh had celebrated his birthday at home. Friends, school teachers, and several from neighborhood were the invitees. Many had shown up on the occasion. Having been serious in studies, Ansh was gifted a mobile phone by his parents. The ecstatic look with eye balls popping out, anyone there could witness that priceless reaction on his face. Putting efforts in believing that he now had his personal mobile, he even forgot to thank his parents. Ansh had once shared with his mother, how his fellow hostelers used mobiles at hostel despite that it was prohibited. He however had never asked for one. Coming back to hostel, he showed his mobile to the entire hostel, and learnt tricks to hide it from staff. At college his entire family of friends celebrated the new mobile at canteen and everyone saved Ansh’s number. He could now call his mother everyday without any restrictions, that gave him joy. 

One day, Ansh carried his mobile along with him to college. He used to do this occassionally in order to update his music playlist. Unfortunately, the Principal had sent a squad to check whether students carry any prohibited items with them, the same day. As soon as he heard that the squad had inspected his class in his Sports lecture, he rushed to his bag. He was stone cold and fell on his knees when nowhere in his backpack he could find his mobile. 

It was under custody. With his shoulders dropped when he returned to the playground, everyone gathered and inquired. Luckily there were many experienced among them who had been victims of such raids in the past. Ansh lended ears with hope to a lot of expert opinions, many of which advised him to wait for the Principal to herself come and inquire, as many a times she had returned the mobile with a warning in such cases. He agreed. After an hour, the sports lecture was dismissed, and all students returned to the class from wherever in the college they were. Ansh opened his backpack to take out books for the next lecture and to his surprise, he saw his mobile, well placed over the top of the textbooks. He couldn’t believe how, he couldn’t figure out why, and moreover he couldn’t actually inquire who brought his mobile back. He made an attempt to ask his classmates whether anyone knew, how Principal returned the mobile, and to whom, but none seemed to have any clue. 

This wasn’t actually the first incident of its kind for Ansh. Many a times, someone unknown helped him at the spur of moment in some or the other way. Never could he deduce who did that but those helps often saved, aided, even financed. Once when Ansh was on a sick leave, the students’ activity in-charge circulated a notice regarding an important field trip scheduled on the following day. Students who managed to pay the registration fees immediately got registered, a few others missed. Ansh was sad that he couldn’t make it, while all of his friends had registered. The following day, when the trip in-charge started the count as the pupils boarded on the bus, one was absent. Without any delay, the trip in-charge reported in the class and yelled, “Who is Ansh ?” Ansh raised his hand. “Changed your mind huh ?, I won’t return your money even if you don’t come, remember.” “Wait, what ?” he spoke to himself. Without much ado he packed his backpack, collected all the questions popping out from his self like hot popcorns and followed the trip in-charge to the bus. About to reach to the bus, when Ansh saw his friends peeking with lifted eye brows from the window, Ansh made faces in response as of asking them to understand themselves how it happened with him as usual, and there he was, again helped by someone unknown.

Sir, may I know who had paid for my field trip day before yesterday ?” he asked the students’ activity in-charge the following day. “Your classmate Ansh, sorry I can’t recollect her name.” “Her !” Ansh exclaimed. “Any problem Son ?” sir added. He thanked the officer and walked back to his class. That day, he observed all the girls from his class, hoping that somewhere somehow he could catch any clue, but made no progress. College dispersed but now he knew, that unknown someone was a girl from his own class. Later in the evening, Ansh checked his mobile to take a quick break from studies. 1 unread message, a pop up window appeared on the screen. 
<•• Hi Ansh.

••> Hello. Whoz this ?

<•• Hw was ur field trip 2day ? 

••> Was it u… Whoz this ?

<•• Thatz nt important Ansh. Enjoyed the trip ? 

••> Trip was fun… Bt dnt do this plz, c I want to pay u that amount, let me.

<•• I m sry.

••> Tell me 1 thing… Is it u who does all that stuff for me always ?

<•• No… No idea.

••> Y do u do this ? Tell me who u are.

<•• Good Night Ansh. Sweet dreams. Tc

Ansh then couldn’t concentrate in his studies that night. “Who could she be ?… Why did she do so ?… Should I call her, or text her again ?… ” he brainstormed. Every evening he used to recieve a message from the same number, but the girl never revealed her identity. Gradually, Ansh gave up asking for her name, and the chat grew friendlier. Ansh never understood how, but that girl knew a lot about him, discussed about daily college hours, adviced him in many regards which only a friend from his circle could effectively do. She was from his class for sure, but exactly who, and why was it so difficult to catch her, such thoughts constantly engaged Ansh’s mind. This constant engagement, daily chats, and growing friendship with that unknown person brought about an adverse impact on Ansh’s academics. Soon when the results of a mid-term were out, his rank had fallen enough for him to realise something went wrong. He was so unhappy that he voluntarily returned the mobile to his parents. 

Five minutes left“, the invigilator announced. Ansh had already completed his first exam, and with it filled a strong confidence within him. Over a month or two, Ansh had not only recovered, but had also caught up good pace in his studies. In a couple of days all the exams were over. Having put dedicated efforts, and having performed in the best of his capacity, Ansh was then undisputedly hopeful for a good rank in final results. It had been quiet a long time that Ansh had checked his mobile. He deliberately wanted to chat with that girl again, and became very desparate to know who she was, but then his mobile wasn’t with him. College was closed and the Principal had confirmed a Grand Farewell Party at a 3-star hotel in the city. 

Next day, the hotel opened entry to the beautifully decorated party hall. Entire higher secondary IOS had come dressed in spectacular themed​ costumes. Low light, magnificent golden Chandelier, pretty girls, handsome boys and Bruno Mars dance music, the ambience alone showered romance. Ansh’s entire family of friends was together. A glass of welcome drink in one hand and the other risen in the air, everyone tried their moves on the beats. A few boys tried street dancing on the floor, and throwing a face-off a few girls rocked the floor. Singing, dancing, stand-up comedies, games, Dj but the folk showed no sign of exhaustion. Finally, the dinner showed up in the dining section. Ansh and his people together left for the dining section. All of a sudden, Diya neared to Ansh and asked whether he could accompany her to the basin. He agreed and they both parted their way from the group. 

About to reach the basin, Diya abruptly asked Ansh to come out of the hall with her. He was astonished at once, as that attitude looked quite unfamiliar to her normal calm and serene behaviour. Advancing his steps towards the main gate, Ansh asked, “Diya, any problem ?” She nodded her head but didn’t reply verbally. He couldn’t get it and tried to slow down. She held his hands sturdily and walked with a firm unexplained determination. She lead him to a narrow corridor where there was not much light except for the designer lamps lit at equal distances.Since Diya kept on walking without answering to any queries, Ansh finally gave up asking Diya where they were going and simply gazed at her swinging untied hairs and periodically visible outlines of her face as she walked. Every step that he took, made him more anxious. “Wait, damn !” he got a sudden enlightenment. “The girl… Is she Diya?” “No… How is that valid ! She has no reason. Why would she ?” “My goodness, that graph book… Diya was there, how did I miss that point !” “Wait, Diya wasn’t in the game after I shared about the inspection on the playground.” 

Ansh was getting uneasy then. He had known Diya as a sweet silent girl, friendly in nature and so he had been casual with her. However, then Ansh decided to stop and talk to her. It had always been his pleasure to be a victim of such kind helps, but he couldn’t accept them, and if it was Diya who did it, he ought to talk to her then and there. She was perhaps mad for him, if what he envisioned was true and that was weird, he felt. He breathed in all the guts and called out “Di…” but before he could even complete, they were already in a gigantic reception hall and Ansh apparantly got his throat clogged. What he could see was breathtaking. 

Over a luxurious sofa set, underneath a boundless Chandelier​, he could see Preet. In a beautiful gown, with legs crossed, she appeared the most gorgeous lady Ansh had ever seen in his life. He was stone cold, and had not moved even an inch from the instant he had seen Preet. Diya went closer and hugged Preet. Extending one arm over Preet’s shoulder and the other over her own waist, Diya teased Ansh with a satanic laugh. “Cousin sis’…” she added. All the questions Ansh had been asking, all the doubts he beared in his mind, had met their answers at once. Completely silent actually, but so loud Ansh and Preet shared emotions with their eyes. The moment Preet started approaching Ansh, his heart beat even louder. “I had never done what I always wanted to do… I always feared to express. I see you as a gentleman, the man of my dreams. You never knew, but I managed to know everything about you over these two years.” Bending on her knees she continued, “Waited for too long already, now I won’t… I love you Ansh.

Sparkling eyes, sugar sweet voice, Goddess-like grace on face and a sensational touch by her soft palm holding Ansh’s hand, he had never learnt any word that could become his reply at that instant. Face was the mirror of the mind, and the eyes without speaking had confessed the secrets of his heart.

It is said… “Where words are restrained, the eyes often talk a great deal” 

To redefine love, destiny had brought a new opportunity… and he was opportune.

13 thoughts on “Chapter III : Wait, is it she ! But why ?

  1. b3ta5sigma6rh0 says:

    Eveeyone at one point or another wishes for such magical turn of evens otherwise known as love.. This piece seems to serve as a lesson that one needs to have hope that something like this will happen.. (it hasnt happened with though)
    Friendly advise : don’t read in public places you’ll blush..
    Advise to author :continue this story.. Bhai uske baad kya hota hai..

    Liked by 1 person

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