Modern Racism

All around the globe, different countries are hijacked by racism based upon different ideologies. But one thing that all of them possess in common is the fact that Racism destroys its societies.

Today, in this era of distrust, dishonesty, , grief, and all sort of inconveniences, there must be only one criteria for Discrimination, and that is SPIRITUALITY.

All the free people of this world should be categorised in only two races – Spiritually Backward and Spirituals. And the Spirituals must constantly strive to nourish spirituality among the Spiritually Backwards.

Immediate consequences of such a positive RACISM would result in global harmony.


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  1. Yup , if the thing “discrimination ” is necessary then this is the best way of it and it have 2 profits that people can discriminate +vely satisfying their discriminative hunger and it won’t ruin the unity among particular societies. ✌🚢

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  2. Yup, its 101% better way of discrimination. It will fulfill the hunger of discriminative nature of some people and won’t hurt the unity of societies. πŸ‘Œ

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